Collection: Definite Purpose

Covering a variety of purposes and applications in several different industries.
brand-agi enclosure-odp enclosure-teao frame-48 frame-s56 hp-0-25 hp-0-33 hp-0-5 material-rolled-steel phase-1 rpm-1060 rpm-1650 rpm-1800 type-definite-purpose voltage-115 voltage-115-208-230
  • AGI R241
    (0.5HP, 1800RPM, 115V)
  • AGI R231
    (0.33HP, 1800RPM, 115V)
  • AGI Y907Z
    (0.5HP, 1650RPM, 115/208-230V)
  • AGI Y893
    (0.5HP, 1060RPM, 115/208-230V)
  • AGI Y733
    (0.5HP, 1650RPM, 115/208-230V)
  • AGI Y892
    (0.33HP, 1060RPM, 115V)
  • AGI Y729
    (0.33HP, 1650RPM, 115V)
  • AGI Y732
    (0.33HP, 1650RPM, 115/208-230V)
  • AGI Y731
    (0.25HP, 1650RPM, 115/208-230V)