Collection: Farm Duty

Designed to be cost-effective and flexible for use within the agricultural sector.
brand-agi brand-teco-westinghouse enclosure-teao enclosure-tefc frame-143t frame-145t frame-145tc frame-182t frame-184t frame-184tc frame-213t frame-215t frame-56 frame-56c frame-56c-56-145t frame-56h frame-56ny hp-0-33 hp-0-5 hp-0-75 hp-1 hp-1-5 hp-10 hp-2 hp-3 hp-5 hp-7-5 material-rolled-steel phase-1 phase-3 rpm-1150 rpm-1800 rpm-3600 type-farm-duty voltage-115-208-230 voltage-115-230 voltage-208-230-460 voltage-230 voltage-575