Collection: Metric

There are metric dimensions found on a variety of machines, equipment or tools. Metric motors operate on 50 hertz, which is fine in most countries outside the United States that operate on 60 hertz.
brand-maxmotion enclosure-tefc frame-100l frame-112m frame-132m frame-132s frame-160l frame-160m frame-180l frame-180m frame-200l frame-225m frame-225s frame-250m frame-280m frame-280s frame-315l frame-315m frame-315s frame-56 frame-63 frame-71 frame-80 frame-90l frame-90s hp-0-125 hp-0-166 hp-0-25 hp-0-33 hp-0-5 hp-0-75 hp-1 hp-1-5 hp-10 hp-100 hp-12-5 hp-125 hp-15 hp-150 hp-175 hp-180 hp-2 hp-2-5 hp-20 hp-215 hp-25 hp-270 hp-3 hp-30 hp-4 hp-40 hp-5-5 hp-50 hp-60 hp-7-5 hp-75 material-aluminum material-cast-iron phase-3 rpm-1200 rpm-1800 rpm-3600 type-metric voltage-208-230-460 voltage-333-575 voltage-460-796 voltage-575-990
  • MaxMotion IJA631-2-35
    (0.25HP, 3600RPM, 333/575V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315S-6-59
    (100HP, 1200RPM, 575/990V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315S-6-47
    (100HP, 1200RPM, 460/796V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315S-4-59
    (150HP, 1800RPM, 575/990V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315S-4-47
    (150HP, 1800RPM, 460/796V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315S-2-59
    (150HP, 3600RPM, 575/990V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315S-2-47
    (150HP, 3600RPM, 460/796V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315M-6-59
    (125HP, 1200RPM, 575/990V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315M-6-47
    (125HP, 1200RPM, 460/796V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315M-4-59
    (175HP, 1800RPM, 575/990V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315M-4-47
    (175HP, 1800RPM, 460/796V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315M-2-59
    (180HP, 3600RPM, 575/990V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315M-2-47
    (180HP, 3600RPM, 460/796V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315L2-6-59
    (175HP, 1200RPM, 575/990V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315L2-6-47
    (175HP, 1200RPM, 460/796V)
  • MaxMotion IJC315L2-4-59
    (270HP, 1800RPM, 575/990V)

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