EC&M / Square D 5010 23" Type WB Folio 5 Magnetic Drum Brakes - Duke Electric

EC&M / Square D 5010 23" Type WB Folio 5 Magnetic Drum Brakes

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Item OEM Brake Parts DescriptionUS Part #Number Required
*23223-46800Pipe Nipple
*W-23124Cam Rail
*23004-00400H. Nut
*29005-80715Frame Bushing
*W-23028Frame Bushing
*50502-526-10Equalizing Screw
*W-23135-AAssembled Connecting Rod
*21714-22280Nylock Brass Screw
*W-23254-ACoil 110-140 HP
**W-23252-ABrake Coil, 160-205 HP
*W-23253-ACoil, 140-180 HP
1W-23004-AAssembled Brake Shoe, Complete
2W-23005Brake Shoe Only
8W-23032Shoe Pin
9W-23006-AAssembled Shoe Lever, Complete
10W-23008-AShoe Lever
13FP-25A12Grease Fitting
18W-23033Shoe Lever Pin (Frame End)
19W-23027Equalizing Screw
20W-23042Lock Nut
21W-23018-AAssembled Frame
22W-23009-AAssembled Connecting Rod Complete
23W-23095-AConnecting Rod
26FP-25A15Grease Fitting
27W-23025Cam Rail
33W-23021Centering Spring
34W-23007-AAssembled Shoe Lever, Complete
35W-23008-AShoe Lever
39FP-25A12Grease Fitting
40FP-25A15Grease Fitting
42W-19049Air Gap Indicator
43W-23031Connecting Rod Pin
44For ImprovedConstruction Use 44a and 44b
44aW-23232Magnet Hinge pin
44bW-23233Pin Collar
46W-23034Shoe Lever Pin (Armature End)
47W-23002-AAssembled Armature Complete
50W-23047-aAssembled Grease Unit, Complete
51W-13026Header Block
52FP-25A16Grease Fitting
53FP-25A17Compression Fitting
55FP-25A18Compression Fitting
6321401-22240H.I. Cap Screw
6423701-00220Lock Washer
66W-19022Manual Release Nut
67W-19041Lock Nut
68W-23023Spring Adjusting Nut
68W-23023Spring Adjusting Nut
69W-23045Spring collar
70W-23020Operating Spring Large
70aW-23159Spring 50% of Std. Torque
71W-23082Operating Spring Small
72W-23078Spring Collar
73W-13033Shoe Lever Pin (Frame End)
73W-23035Pin Collar
74W-23012-AAssembled Spring Rod, Complete
75W-23094-ASpring rod
77FP-25A12Grease Fitting
79W-23001-AAssembled Magnet Complete
79W-23201-AMagnet Assembly
80W-23087-AMagnet Case
81W-23040Magnet Adjusting Screw
82W-23088Magnet Adjusting Nut
84W-23080Lock Nut
85W-19090Lead Clamp Stud
88W-19091Lead Clamp
93W-23089Terminal Shield
94W-23039Lead Gasket
95W-23029Lead Bushing
95W-23079Lead Bushing
100W-23024Dust Shield
102W-23127Retaining Plate 7 Holes Stainless
102W-23126Retaining Plate Cover
102W-23127Retaining Plate, 19 Holes, Folio 5A
102W-23127Retaining Plate, 12 Holes, Folio 5

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