Collection: MaxMotion

Providing a variety of motors from general purpose, washdown, pump and permanent magnet DC.
brand-maxmotion enclosure-odp enclosure-tefc frame-100l frame-112b3 frame-112m frame-132m frame-132s frame-143jm frame-143t frame-143tc frame-145jm frame-145jp frame-145t frame-145tc frame-160l frame-160m frame-180l frame-180m frame-182jm frame-182jp frame-182t frame-182tc frame-184jm frame-184jp frame-184t frame-184tc frame-200l frame-213jm frame-213jp frame-213t frame-213tc frame-215jm frame-215jp frame-215t frame-215tc frame-225m frame-225s frame-250m frame-254jm frame-254jp frame-254t frame-254tc frame-256jm frame-256t frame-256tc frame-280m frame-280s frame-284jm frame-284jp frame-284t frame-284tc frame-284ts frame-286jm frame-286jp frame-286t frame-286tc frame-286ts frame-315l frame-315m frame-315s frame-324jm frame-324jp frame-324t frame-324tc frame-324ts frame-326jm frame-326jp frame-326t frame-326tc frame-326ts frame-364t frame-364tc frame-364ts frame-365t frame-365tc frame-365ts frame-404t frame-404ts frame-405t frame-405tc frame-405ts frame-444t frame-444ts frame-445t frame-445ts frame-447t frame-447ts frame-449t frame-449ts frame-56 frame-56c frame-56hc frame-56j frame-63 frame-71 frame-80 frame-90l frame-90s hp-0-125 hp-0-166 hp-0-25 hp-0-33 hp-0-5 hp-0-75 hp-1 hp-1-5 hp-10 hp-100 hp-12-5 hp-125 hp-15 hp-150 hp-175 hp-180 hp-2 hp-2-5 hp-20 hp-200 hp-215 hp-25 hp-250 hp-270 hp-3 hp-30 hp-300 hp-350 hp-4 hp-40 hp-5 hp-5-5 hp-50 hp-60 hp-7-5 hp-75 material-aluminum material-cast-iron material-rolled-steel material-stainless-steel phase-3 phase-dc rpm-1200 rpm-1800 rpm-3600 rpm-900 type-general-purpose type-metric type-permanent-magnet-dc type-pump type-washdown voltage-12 voltage-180 voltage-208-230-460 voltage-24 voltage-333-575 voltage-460 voltage-460-796 voltage-48 voltage-575 voltage-575-990 voltage-90
  • MaxMotion IJA631-2-35
    (0.25HP, 3600RPM, 333/575V)
  • MaxMotion JMPP-3
    (1HP, 1200RPM, 575V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-90S6FC
    (1HP, 1200RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-90S4FC
    (1.5HP, 1800RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-90S2FC
    (2HP, 3600RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-90L6FC
    (1.5HP, 1200RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-90L4FC
    (2HP, 1800RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-90L2FC
    (3HP, 3600RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-8024FC
    (1HP, 1800RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-8022FC
    (1.5HP, 3600RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-8012FC
    (1HP, 3600RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-132S4FC
    (7.5HP, 1800RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-132S22FC
    (10HP, 3600RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-132S12FC
    (7.5HP, 3600RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQS-132M4FC-S3
    (10HP, 1800RPM, 208-230/460V)
  • MaxMotion MQSP-112M6FC
    (3HP, 1200RPM, 208-230/460V)

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