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WEG is the largest industrial electric motor manufacturer in the Americas and one of the largest manufacturers of electric motors in the world.
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  • WEG CT003402NPW22145T
    (3HP, 3600RPM, 230/460V)
  • WEG IE400506W22
    (400HP, 1200RPM, 575V)
  • WEG IE400406W22
    (400HP, 1200RPM, 460V)
  • WEG IE350506RBW22586TIS
    (350HP, 1200RPM, 575V)
  • WEG IE300508W22
    (300HP, 900RPM, 575V)
  • WEG IE300506W22
    (300HP, 1200RPM, 575V)
  • WEG IE300504W22586T
    (300HP, 1800RPM, 575V)
  • WEG IE300504W22447T
    (300HP, 1800RPM, 575V)
  • WEG IE300504W22RB449TIS
    (300HP, 1800RPM, 575V)
  • WEG IE300408W22
    (300HP, 900RPM, 460V)
  • WEG IE300406W22
    (300HP, 1200RPM, 460V)
  • WEG IE300404W22586T
    (300HP, 1800RPM, 460V)
  • WEG IE300404W22447T
    (300HP, 1800RPM, 460V)
  • WEG IE250506RBW22586TIS
    (250HP, 1200RPM, 575V)
  • WEG IE250504W22504T
    (250HP, 1800RPM, 575V)
  • WEG IE250404W22504T
    (250HP, 1800RPM, 460V)

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