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Founded in 1932, GKN Stromag is a trusted source for industrial clutches and brakes. Their pneumatically, hydraulically, and electrically actuated brakes are highly developed and reliable components for modern and energy efficient drives.
brand-stromag feature-electric feature-hydraulic feature-magnetic feature-thruster type-disc-brake type-drum-brake
  • Stromag KMB-ZM/KMB-ZM Hydraulic Spring-Applied Brakes
  • Stromag KMB KLB Hydraulic Spring-Applied Brakes
  • Stromag MFK MWU B Electromagnetic Pole-Face Friction Brakes
  • Stromag BZFM V7 Electric Spring-Applied Brakes
  • Stromag HPI Electric Spring-Applied Brakes
  • Stromag NFF4F Electric Spring-Applied Brakes
  • Stromag 4BZFM Electric Spring-Applied Brakes
  • Stromag Type 2SA Electromagnetic Drum Brakes
  • Stromag Type OOSA/OSA Electromagnetic Drum Brakes
  • Stromag SH/SHC/SHS Range Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Stromag Type TH/THC Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Stromag Type SHD Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Stromag Type T Hydraulic Drum Brakes
  • Stromag Type FAV Thruster Disc Brakes
  • Stromag Type TDXB Thruster Disc Brakes
  • Stromag CA2 Range Electromagnetic Disc Brakes

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