Collection: Pump

Designed for a variety of pump applications, these motors providing excellent value thanks to reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability.
brand-maxmotion brand-teco-westinghouse enclosure-tefc frame-143jm frame-143jp frame-145jm frame-145jp frame-182jm frame-182jp frame-184jm frame-184jp frame-213jm frame-213jp frame-215jm frame-215jp frame-254jm frame-254jp frame-256jm frame-256jp frame-284jm frame-284jp frame-286jm frame-286jp frame-324jm frame-324jp frame-326jm frame-326jp frame-364jp frame-365jp hp-1 hp-1-5 hp-10 hp-15 hp-2 hp-20 hp-25 hp-3 hp-30 hp-40 hp-5 hp-50 hp-60 hp-7-5 hp-75 material-cast-iron phase-3 rpm-1200 rpm-1800 rpm-3600 type-pump voltage-208-230-460 voltage-230-460 voltage-575