EC&M / Square D 5010 8" Type F Series A Magnetic Drum Brakes - Duke Electric

EC&M / Square D 5010 8" Type F Series A Magnetic Drum Brakes

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Item OEM Brake Parts DescriptionUS Part #Number Required
*50903-809-51Assorted Hardware Package
150903-134-01Lifitng Bracket
250903-143-01Magnet Case Cover Assembly
650903-167-01Terminal Shield
750903-166-01Lead Bushing
829206-00430"O" Ring
1250903-102-50Base Magnet Case Assembly
1550903-140-50Centering Bracket
1650901-010-13Centering Bracket Spring
2050903-407-04Latch Pin
2129907-02410"E" Ring
2250901-010-09Latch Pin Spring
2350903-117-50Connecting Rod Assembly
24W-10045Spring Collar
2550901-010-12Operating Spring
2750903-141-01Calibration Plate
2850904-136-50Manual Release Nut
3150901-010-11Connecting Rod Spring
3350903-402-03Locking Pin
3650903-101-50Shoe Assembly, Includes Lining
3750903-808-51Shoe Lining Kit
3850903-127-50Outboard Shoe Lever
3950903-411-50Nut and Washer Assembly
4250903-404-03Lining Wear Indicator
4450903-129-50Inboard Shoe Lever
4550903-119-50Connecting Rod Lever
4650903-115-50Connecting Link
4850903-139-01Armature Gap Indicator
6050903-805-51Self-Adj. Shoe Machanism Kit
6250903-158-01Connecting Rod
6329013-02120Connecting Rod Bearing
7150903-164-50Crank Assembly
7250903-160-01Ratchet Rod
7350903-415-01Crank Pin
7450906-165-50Ratchet Rob End Block
7521601-24660Socket Head Screw
7750904-154-50Star Wheel Stop Nut Assembly
7850904-161-01Ratchet Rod Guide
8029005-32221Oilite Bearing

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