EC&M / Square D 5010 8" Type WB Folio 5 Magnetic Drum Brakes - Duke Electric

EC&M / Square D 5010 8" Type WB Folio 5 Magnetic Drum Brakes

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Item OEM Brake Parts DescriptionUS Part #Number Required
*T-0805, Class8" WB Brake
*29005-48310Frame Bushing
*W-8028Frame Bushing
*W-8065-ACoil, 115V
*W-8055-ACoil, 7-9 HP
*T-0806, Class8" WB Brake
*W-8045Spring Collar
1W-8004-AAssembled Brake Shoe, Complete
2W-8005Brake Shoe, Only
223701-00200Pl. Lock Washer
352927-017-60Grease Fitting
5W-8043Brake Block
623701-00200Pl. Lock Washer
7W-8032Shoe Pin
723701-00220Lock Washer
8W-8006-AAssembled Shoe Lever, Complete
823701-00220Lock Washer
9W-8008-AShoe Lever w/Bearings
952927-017-60Grease Fitting
1252927-017-60Grease Fitting
17W-8034Shoe Lever Pin
18W-8027Equalizing Screw
19W-8042Lock Nut
20W-8018-AAssembled Frame, Complete
21W-8009-AAssembled Connecting Rod Complete
22W-8095-AConnecting Rod w/Bearings
2452927-017-60Grease Fitting
25W-8025Cam Rail
2623701-00200Pl. Lock Washer
2721401-20240H.I. Cap Screw
28W-8015-ACam (replace with W-10117)
28W-10117Adjusting Ring
2923701-00220Lock Washer
3021401-22400H.I. Cap Screw
31W-8021Centering Spring
3221401-24400H.I. Cap Screw
3323701-00240Pl. Lock Washer
34W-8007-AAssembled Shoe Lever, Complete
35W-8008-AShoe Lever w/Bearings
3825223-46480Pipe Nipple
4052927-017-70Grease Fitting
43W-8098Connecting Rod Pin
44For ImprovedConstruction Use 44a
44aW-8031Magnet Hinge Pin
45W-8002-AAssembled Armature, Complete
46W-8003-AArmature w/ Bearings
48W-8047-AAssembled Grease Unit Complete
4952927-017-50Grease Fitting
50W-13026Header Block
5152927-018-50Compression Fitting
5352927-018-70Compression Fitting
5621101-20400Fil.i. Cap Screw
5723701-00200Pl. Lock Washer
5821507-16160R.I. Screw
5923701-00160Pl. Lock Washer
60W-8049Air Gap Indicator
6121401-20160H.I. Cap Screw
64W-19041Manual Release Nut
65W-19023Lock Nut
66W-19045Spring Adjusting Nut
67W-8020Operating Spring
67W-8134Spring 50% of Std. Torque
68W-100318" Spring Rod Pin
69W-8012-AAssembled Spring Rod, Complete
70W-8094-ASpring Rod w/ Bearings
7252927-017-60Grease Fitting
74W-8001-AAssembled Magnet, Complete
75W-8017Magnet Case, Only
76W-8040Magnet Adjusting Screw
77W-8088Magnet Adjusting Nut
79W-8080Lock Nut
80W-8090Lead Clamp Stud
8223701-00220Lock Washer
83W-10091Lead Clamp
8423002-00220H.I. Nut
8621401-22240H.I. Cap Screw
88W-8089Terminal Shield
89W-8039Lead Gasket
90W-8029Lead Bushing
9121008-06080Drive Screw
9321001-20100R.I. Screw
9423701-00200Pl. Lock Washer
95W-8024Dust Shield
97W-8053-ACoil, 10-1/2 to 15 HP
97W-8057-ACoil, 4-5 HP
97W-8056-ACoil, 6-7 HP
97W-1857Retaining Plate
9821101-20160F.I. Screw

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