EC&M / Square D No. 20 Type WB Folio 2 Magnetic Drum Brakes - Duke Electric

EC&M / Square D No. 20 Type WB Folio 2 Magnetic Drum Brakes

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Item OEM Brake Parts DescriptionUS Part #Number Required
*WB-263Bushing, Armature/Lower
*WB-262Bushing Armature
*WB-265Bushing, Shoe Lever
*WB-264Bushing, Frame/Upper
*WB-261Bushing, Magnet Case
*WB-267Bushing, Balance Lever
1WB-283-ASpring Rod w/Nuts
3WB-216Brake Spring
6WB-225Spring Rod Pin
7WB 287-AArmature
11WB-210-AAssembled Shoe
12WB-204Brake Shoe
13WB-220Shoe Pin
14WB-238Shoe Adjusting Screw
15WB-222Shoe Lever Hinge Pin
16WB-235Equalizing Screw
17WB-224Connecting Rod Pin
18WB-218Brake Lining
1851001-071-60Lining Kit
19WB-205Shoe Lever
20WB-285-AShoe Lever
22WB-232-AShoe Adjusting Wheel w/ Screw
23WB-223Magnet Hinge Pin
24WB-221Armature Pin
25WB-455Magnet Adjusting Screw
26WB-290-AAssembled Magnet
27WB-288-AMagnet Case
28Q-257Lead Block
29WB-2163Dust Shield
30WB-215Dust Shield, Steel
31Q-165Lead Block Stud
32WB-219Cenetering Spring Pin
33WB-2061Spring Collar
34WB-226Centering Spring
35Q-305Terminal Guard
36WB-229Terminal Bushing
37WB-209Retaining Plate, Brass
40WB-286-ABalance Lever
41WB-206-AConnecting Rod
43WB-259Lining Rivet
48WB-424Connecting Rod Pin

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