GE M9574<br>(20HP, 900RPM, 575V) - Duke Electric

GE M9574
(20HP, 900RPM, 575V)

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This motor is part of the X$D Ultra 841 family.

XSD Ultra 841 IEC technology meets or exceeds IE3/NEMA Premium nominal efficiencies and exceeds all IEC/NEMA Premium minimum guaranteed efficiencies. Each motor comes with its own test report demonstrating performance compliant with the IEEE 841 specification, but with IEC construction and designs.

A five-year warranty comes standard with every XSD Ultra 841 IEC motor (60 months operational/66 months maximum from shipment).

Overall vibration is 1.4 mm/sec (0.55 inches per second) vs 0.08 inches (0.06 for 8 pole) per second per IEEE 841. This helps to extend the life of the motor and the connected equipment.

Total shaft runout is 0.025 mm (0.001”) for shaft diameters up to 41 mm and 0.038 mm (0.0015”) for shaft diameters greater than 41 mm for ball bearing machines.

GEGARD insulation systems feature Class H insulation materials. This system increases motor protection against IGBT drive voltage spikes which exceed NEMA MG1-31 standards.

RPM900MaterialCast Iron
Phase3Warranty5 Years

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