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Magnetek Omnipulse DDC Digital DC Drive

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Increase your competitive advantage by converting your DC controls to state-of-the-art OmniPulse DDC Digital DC drives.

The leader in crane and hoist motor control, Electromotive Systems, brings you the OmniPulse DDC Digital DC Drive. OmniPulse will improve the performance and reliability of your DC operated crane or hoist, while minimizing downtime, maintenance expenses and energy costs. OmniPulse DDC technology may also be applied in other industries. We employ semi-conductor technology, which provides better control of motor speed and torque than costly, older DCCP control technology. This micro-processor based, solid state, four-quadrant DC-to-DC control is designed for series, shunt or compound wound motors. More importantly, it will also improve safety in your facility.

Flexible Software
We know production needs change. That's why OmniPulse DDC was designed with universal software that provides superior flexibility during start-up and allows for quick parameter changes as needed. (Software upgrades or future releases can be flashed from a PC). OmniPulse DDC gives you optimal performance and speed regulation while adjusting to meet your changing operational requirements, without the need for additional hardware.

Drop-in Replacement for DCCP
OmniPulse DDC is the perfect drop-in replacement for traditional electromechanical controls, easily interfacing to existing power and control circuitry using the same connection points in a smaller footprint.

Backed by the Leader, Magnetek
OmniPulse DDC is backed by Magnetek Material Handling's superior application expertise and aftermarket support, available 24/7/365

OmniPulse DDC will help keep your production on track and your costs down. It's the smart choice in crane control that will pay dividends and provide your facility with a competitive advantage for years to come.

Your local Magnetek Material Handling Sales Representative is ready to explain the OmniPulse DDC advantages today or call Magnetek directly at 1-800-288-8178.

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