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Magnetek Omnipulse DSD DC Control

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Magnetek's OmniPulse DSD DC Control brings advanced power technology to the operation of DC cranes and hoists.
We've evolved our highly successful DC drive technology, used to power over 25,000 elevator drives worldwide, to bring you a superior DC control for crane and hoist applications! OmniPulse DSD provides DC shunt wound bridge, trolley, and hoist motors with reliable, energy-efficient performance, while significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs.

The fully programmable OmniPulse DSD DC drive offers smooth controlled acceleration and deceleration ramps, permitting more efficient load placement and reduced load swing and mechanical shock. This results in increased production throughput and drive train life.

OmniPulse DSD DC Controls are available in component form, pre-engineered panels, or custom panels designed to your specifications, and include all standard features plus a wide variety of other control options. DSD also interfaces with IMPULSE® Link 4.1 Basic or WDS (wired or wireless), offering remote parameter operation and diagnostic capabilities.

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