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Pintsch Bubenzer Type EBA Drum Brakes

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Ideally suited for today's AC cranes, the AC thruster of the EBA Series provides smooth, reliable stopping power for a wide variety of applications; Class F steel mill cranes to everyday light duty workshop cranes.

The Pintsch Bubenzer EBA Series has been designed and built to AISE standards for footprint and elevation, so they are "drop�in" replacements for many existing DC coil brakes as well as other drum brake styles.

Main Features

  • Stepless, Adjustable, External Torque Spring
  • Non-Latching, Manual Release Handle
  • Stainless Steel Spindle
  • Stainless Steel Pivot Pins
  • Self-Lubricating Bushings
  • Steel Brake Shoes with Non-Asbestos Linings
  • Adjustable Centering
  • Torque adjustable to 50% of Maximum Rating
  • High Duty Cycle – up to 2000 cycles per hour
  • 265 / 460 VAC – 3 phase – 60 Hz
  • Standard Temperature Rating from -13° to 123° F
  • Galvanized and Plated Hardware

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