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Sibre Type TEXU Disc Brakes

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Often found on mining, marine and steel mill equipment, the TEXU from SIBRE is a high performance twin caliper disc brake that transmits the braking force to the disc on two symmetrical points.

The brake is also equipped with a synchronization linkage to ensure an evenly spaced out air gap at all 4 linings, as well as an automatic wear compensation system.


For the OEM

  • Reduced costs for gear box due to:
    • reduced distance between input and output shaft
    • shorter input shaft
    • smaller bearing of input shaft
  • reduced costs fo brake disc, e-tech and control system

For the Operator

  • Reduced investment costs
  • Reduced operating costs due to reduced size of disc
  • Increased efficiency due to reduced inertia of disc
  • Increase coeff. of friction = increased torque = increased safety for emergency stops from overspeed
  • Safe handling under power failure conditions

Braking Torque

  • TEXU 500-B: 3000 Nm – 8000 Nm
  • TEXU 500-C: 5500 Nm -11000 Nm
  • TEXU 500-E: 6500 Nm -14000 Nm
  • TEXU 710-D: 9500 Nm – 20000 Nm
  • TEXU 710-E: 10500 Nm – 24000 Nm
  • TEXU 800-E: 12500 Nm -27000 Nm
  • TEXU 900-E: 16500 Nm – 30000 Nm

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