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Speed-O-Controls Copperhead Rail Systems

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The copperhead conductor rail systems from Speed-O-Controls is made of a copper bar mounted onto a T-shaped steel section. The role of the copper bar is to transfer the electrical current while the T-bar provides greater strength and reliable electrical contact. These are mostly used with cranes that are exposed to extremely high temperature, dust, corrosion and other adverse circumstances. The system supports current ranging from 300 to 3,000 Amps, which is enough to satisfy most cranes running at steel mills, heavy industrial plants, etc. Benefits
  • Provides efficient and continuous electrical contact
  • Save money due to its low maintenance needs
  • Increases safety due to the elimination of sparking
  • Reduces component wear for increased component life expectancy
  • Heating systems available for all rails to allow smoother operation in low-temperature environments
  • Lower resistance between copper and pickup shoe of mobile component
  • Light weight
  • Standard expansion joints compensating for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes
  • Customized to your precise specifications
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