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Stromag HPI Electric Spring-Applied Brakes

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The spring-applied HPI brake from Stromag is designed for industrial and crane applications requiring a very high protection against harsh environment. With its high wear-resistance and compact design, the HPI brake assures a high durability.


  • Braking torque range 100 – 1600 Nm
  • Degree of protection of up to IP 67.
  • Closed brake design.
  • Prevents wear and damage with special surface protection on all components.
  • Smooth operation without cover.
  • No carrier support required. Simple assembly to motor.
  • Hand release mechanism offering positive feel.
  • Proven reliable design.
  • Sealed inspection holes for air gap or brake lining wear.
  • Offers extremely low inertia.
  • Provides high heat dissipation.
  • Comes with a wide range of options like hand release lever, terminal box, preparation for speedometer installation, stand still heater, micro switches for switching stage and/or wear indication.


Drives for port cranes and heavy machinery where high protection against harsh environment is essential. e.g. coal mining, steel plants and rolling mills.

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