Stromag KMB KLB Hydraulic Spring-Applied Brakes

Stromag KMB KLB Hydraulic Spring-Applied Brakes

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Pneumatically released spring-applied multi-disc brakes, with or without a pneumatic motor, are universal solutions in machinery. This is where the KMB/KLB spring-applied multi-disc brake from Stromag gets the job done in a diverse range of stationary and mobile applications, but also in conjunction with hydraulic motors.


  • Braking torque range 50-500,000 Nm (higher braking torques on request)
  • Release excess pressure 320 bar.
  • Minimum dimensions with high braking torques.
  • Variable braking torque graduations per model size.
  • Design: add-on brake or integrated in customer’s application.
  • Insensitive, robust and low maintenance braking unit.
  • Application based design for high operating reliability.
  • Available for dry and wet running.


Mining, conveyors, potentially flammable environments, paint shops, traversing trolleys, handling installations, paper and plastics processing machinery and printing presses.

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