Stromag MFK MWU B Electromagnetic Pole-Face Friction Brakes

Stromag MFK MWU B Electromagnetic Pole-Face Friction Brakes

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The MFK/MWU-B electromagnetic pole-face friction brakes from Stromag are active brakes designed to be used offshore and under other difficult climatic conditions. With a high ratio of torque to mounting space, it ensures the transmission of torque free from backlash. This brake model is particularly suitable for the active, non-twist, and energy efficient retention and positioning of drives.


  • Braking torque range 7-7800 Nm (This can be higher on request)
  • High power density achieved with operating-current brake with four pole technology.
  • Optional cap suitable for IP 67 protection (MWU-B type)
  • High switching frequency.
  • Optimized actuation allowing short switching times.
  • Diaphragm technology for torque transmission free from backlash and disengagement free from residual torque.
  • Low axial restoring forces through diaphragm technology.
  • Steel-steel friction combination, hardened for high wear resistance.


Rolling mills, steel mills, and mining.

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