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Stromag NFF4F Electric Spring-Applied Brakes

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With a compact design and a high wear-resistance, the four-face NFF4F-LS brake from Stromag was developed for industrial and crane applications requiring slow running drives with a very high brake torque and closed design.


  • Braking torque range 4000 – 40000 Nm
  • Degree of protection of up to IP 66.
  • Four-face brake unit with closed design.
  • Delivers high brake torque in small space.
  • Prevents wear and damage with special surface protection on all components.
  • No carrier support required. Simple assembly to motor.
  • Concentricity through body for tacho fixing.
  • Offers proven reliable design with a very low inertia.
  • Sealed inspection holes for air gap measuring or brake lining wear.
  • High heat dissipation.


Cranes, assembling lines, conveyors, electric gear less drives, presses with electric torque motor drives and heavy industry.

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