Westinghouse TM1665 16" Magnetic Drum Brakes - Duke Electric

Westinghouse TM1665 16" Magnetic Drum Brakes

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Shunt Coils

Frame Size Coil Style Number ₂
43 645C545G16 ₃
63 645C173G16 ₃
83 637C504G16
1035 635C328G16
1355 637C384G16
1665 635C247G17
1985 635C256G17
2311 637C373G16
3014 641C818G16

Two required connected in series
One coil only required
Two required connected in parallel

Series Coils

Frame Size Coil Style Number ₄ A.I.S.E. Mill Motor
83 637C504G19 803/604
637C504G24 604
637C504G20 603/802C
637C504G21 602/802B
637C504G22 B02A/2
1035 859C370G18 806
635C328G24 606
635C328G22 804
635C328G19 604/803
635C328G20 603/802C
635C328G23 602/802B
635C328G21 802A/2
1355 208C938G17 614/812
637C551G21 604
637C551G24 808/610
637C551G16 608
637C551G25 806
637C551G17 606
637C551G23 804
637C551G20 604
1665 637C530G24 812/614
637C530G19 810/612
637C530G16 808/610
637C530G20 608
637C530G25 806
637C530G22 806
637C530G18 606
1985 637C729G17 814/616
637C729G16 812/614
637C523G16 810/612
637C523G18 808/610
637C523G17 608
637C523G20 612 (SPECL)
2311 637C502G21 620
637C502G17 816/618
637C502G16 814/616
637C502G20 812/614
637C502G22 810/612
186C862G17 808/610
3014 645C518G17 624
645C518G18 820/622
645C518G16 620
645C518G19 818
645C518G20 816/618/820
645C518G21 814/616
645C518G22 812/614

Two required connected in series
One coil only required
Two required connected in parallel

Item OEM Brake Parts DescriptionUS Part #Number Required
635C227G02Brake Shoe Bonded
*31D4114H12Arm Bushing
318B791H05(Main Compr. Spring)
1635C227G01Brake Shoe Rivetted
324D6387G03Brake Shoe Bolt
4635C240G01Brake Shoe Arm-Outer
631D4118H06Base Bushing
8318B571H05Stop Pin
9635C238G01Outer Cl. Arm
10635C236G01Inner Cl. Arm Ass'y
11635C240G02Brake Shoe Arm-Inner
13318B917H13Dust Seal
14-Brake Coil
15318B778H05Spring Clip
16438A411H05Spring (tension)
17318B790H05Spring Pin
18318B788H05Hinge Block (Outer Cl. Arm)
20318B795H05Spring Seat
21438A072H07Spring (Main Compr.)
22-Hinge Block
23318B792H04Rel. Bushing
24635C104G05Tie Rod
25438A352H01Adj. Screw Block
26318B793H04Adj. Screw
28438A070H09Compr. Spring
29318B777H05Spring Seat
30318B787H05Block (Outer B.S. Arm)
3126B7660C1Westinghouse Brake Wheel
33-O' Ring
34-O' Ring
35K1070A1P04O' Ring
36*-O' Ring
37*-Pivot Pin Cover
38*K0560A1J02Spherical Washer
39*391743-16Tie Rod Assembly

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