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Witton Kramer Perigrip Magnetic Drum Brakes

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Electromagnetic A.C. Drum Brakes

If you are looking for brakes that are suitable for operation on A.C. supplies from 110V to 650V, the Perigrip electromagnetic brakes from Witton Kramer are a great choice. The Perigrip coils are insulated and rated to Class B standard.


  • CSA approved (No. LR10747).
  • Electrical spring release.
  • Does not require any control gear.
  • Self adjusting spring-loaded shoe movement balancing.
  • Easy to replace self-aligning brake shoes.
  • Complete magnet assembly protection against dust and damage with welded steel hinged cover.
  • Reduced brake lining wear with spannerless adjustment.
  • Retaining spring limits the clapper gap.
  • Hand release and fibre linings fitted as standard. (Heavy duty brake linings are optional)


  • Sizes: 4″ – 12″
  • Torques: 18 lbf ft – 400 lbf ft

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