Witton Kramer PMA Magnetic Drum Brakes

Witton Kramer PMA Magnetic Drum Brakes

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These AC rectified and DC AISE electromagnetic drum brakes comply with American standard AISE No.11 covering DC mill motor brakes. The design of the PMA brakes enables operation on all DC supplies up to 660 volts, shunt and series wound, with ratings in accordance with the standard. The brakes can be supplied with either integral or seperate rectifier units for AC operations up to 575 volts.

The PMA brakes are widely used in steelworks and are interchangable with other popular more expensive makes. Their design incorporates a number of advanced features while their robust built ensures trouble free operation and reduces maintenance to an absolute minimum.


  • Sizes: 8″ – 30″
  • Torques: 65 lbf ft – 9000 lbf ft

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