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Stromag 4BZFM Electric Spring-Applied Brakes

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The 4BZFM spring-applied electromagnetic double-face model from Stromag brakes without current and is released electromagnetically. Its high degree of protection fulfills the highest requirements for durability, robustness, and seawater resistance.


  • Braking torque range 63-11,000 Nm (This can be higher on request)
  • Degree of protection of up to IP 67.
  • Prevents wear and damage with special surface protection on all components.
  • Type approvals: GL, LRS, ABS, DNV, BV, RR (on request)
  • Simple to mount, highly serviceable, fully functional without cover.
  • Connecting flanges to IEC standards.
  • Robust, reliable design with low inertia.
  • Braking does not generate any additional axial or radial forces.
  • Excellent heat dissipation.
  • Wide range of options like terminal box, anti-condensation heater, tachometer mounting, micro-switches for switching stage and/or wear indication.
  • Rectifiers and quick switching units optimize switching comfort.


Deck cranes, offshore in deck motor winches, anchor windlasses, cargo and trawler winches in rolling mills, steel mills and mining under difficult climatic conditions.

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